How to choose a domain name for your website

Here in this article, we will discuss some of the characteristics that you should keep in mind before you choose a domain name for your website. But before that, lets go back and check what a domain name is.

Domain Name is defined as identification used to identify one or more IP addresses on the Internet. These are formed based on procedures and rules of the Domain Name System (DNS). Domain names are used to identify the URLs of webpages. For example, the domain name of this website is and it’s top level domain or TLD is com.

Any type of name registered in DNS is called a domain name. It helps in giving a very easy web address to every internet resource. It is the address given to your website. On the other hand, they keep the actual IP address invisible to other internet users.

Tips to choose a domain name

Before you choose a domain name for creating a website, there are certain things to be noted and are mentioned below.

how to choose domain name for website

1. Length of domain

While choosing the domain name, it is very important to consider its length. The domain names of shorter length are considered as good domain names.

Now-a-days, the five-letter .com domain names are also going out and the three and four letter .com domains were gone already.

For choosing a domain name, there are no specified limits for its length. It is always better to choose the length below 10 characters and if not never exceed 20 characters. One-word domain names are really precious. On the other hand, it is a bad idea to choose more than three-word names.

2. Brandable and easy to remember domain name

Usually, most of the internet users never go for using bookmarks. They just remember their favourite websites and whenever they wish to go through that website, they will just enter the address.

So, if the domain name is complex then it will be hard for them to remember which in turn affects your business. Choosing a ‘brandable‘ domain name is similar to physical business.

The best part of this is brandable domain names are fun and are easy to remember. The domain name instantly makes somebody interested in finding out what it is about once they hear about it.

For example, consider domain name. It is almost like site’s bird like functionality, from the bluebird icon to the short and concise tweeting procedure of communication. Similar to short domain names, ‘brandable’ names are furthermore favoured by search engines because they are exclusive.

Avoid odd foreign phrases, words with difficult pronunciation, odd blends of notes and anything else that might cause somebody to misspell it.

3. Relevancy to website

It is always better to have a domain name that is very concise and brandable, but the domain name you select still needs to be related to your online business. If not, then it will not make sense for your online business.

It is best to select a domain name that is close to your company’s official name or can be easily guessed from that.

It should also be purposeful and contain keywords that are applicable to your business. While use of keywords will make your business website more evident to search engines, brandable domains will make the users connect easily to your website and its content.

4. TLD or extension

As we mentioned earlier, TLD of this website is com. Other popular TLDs are net, org, info etc.

TLD or a top-level domain name is one of the highest level domains in the hierarchy of DNS of the Internet. They are installed in the root of the name space.

com extension is the most popular and has settled in everyone’s mind. By default, people assume the TLD to be com, if you don’t mention it.

Having said that, in most of the cases com extension is already taken. So you may want to try other options. If your service or product is applicable only to your area, you may also want to consider country specific domains such as or

5. Avoid other’s copyright or trademarks

Selecting a domain name for your enterprise takes time, so do not hurry and end up with a domain name that could get you in trouble. Domain names must be effortlessly distinguishable from other trademarked names and companies.

Several people erroneously register domain name which has been trademarked. Sooner or later they receive a message to stop using that domain name.

Adding a few characters or hyphen or just altering the domain extension is not sufficient to differentiate a domain name for an established business.

If you have a domain name in mind that people could possibly get confused for another business or brand, then it is advisable to think of another domain name.

Keeping all the above mentioned points in mind, choose a good domain name while creating your website.